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Pa. auto group Zooms in on different set of skills

The pandemic forced Tom Masano Auto Group, which had plenty of positions to fill, to try out a virtual job fair.

China recovering but U.S. players still struggling

Except for Tesla, demand for U.S.-brand vehicles remains subdued, leaving many of their dealers struggling in the red.

XC40 Recharge nips at Tesla as Volvo aims for EV profitability

The automaker is taking a "two-step strategy" with electrification: Focus on plug-in hybrid sales in the near term as the EV model lineup — and customer adoption of the new technology — evolves.

Hummer sets tone for how GM will develop, scale EVs

The automaker unveiled the Hummer pickup just 18 months after development work began, and GM says that timetable will become the standard for future EVs.

Driver-assist systems require more than trust

Instead of seeking trust, automakers should emphasize the collaborative nature of the technology, says Matthew Young, director of research at Thatcham Research, an automotive safety agency based in the United Kingdom that develops repair methods and conducts crash tests.