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Convertibles get safety kudos

New safety data on soft-top convertibles is a testament to the skill of the designers, writes an Automotive News reader in a letter to the editor.

Wireless charging could foster speed, ease

Cellphone users have gotten used to the idea of wireless charging. EV proponents believe it could stir adoption in the transportation sector, too.

GM, LG Chem cook up new battery formula

The automaker could have bought EV batteries from a host of suppliers. But it chose to make them in-house, using new ideas on composition and design.

How will Tesla rivals top this?

Engineering expert Sandy Munro tore apart a Tesla Model Y to see what makes it tick. What he concluded is that the rest of the industry has some catching up to do.

Uzi Nissan, who beat Nissan, dies of COVID

The Israeli immigrant won an eight-year legal battle with the automaker over his ownership of the website