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Akio Toyoda: All-EV plans are a threat to Japan

Toyota's leader is warning the government that its road map to net-zero emissions needs to be better tailored for the nation's economy.

GM to tantalize enthusiasts with today’s performance, tomorrow’s EV vision

The GMC Hummer EV SUV and its proprietary Ultium battery platform chassis will be on display at Motor Bella, along with a slew of race cars and its Infantry Squad Vehicle.

Union-built EV tax credit provision faces hurdle

The proposal would boost consumer tax credits to as much as $12,500 for EVs assembled in a factory represented by unions with U.S.- produced batteries.

A chance to define Detroit auto show's future

With the move to a mostly outdoor venue and a highly experiential event, show officials hope Motor Bella points the way to the future.

Kansas ‘video guy' helps buyers everywhere find hot Ford models

Long McArthur Ford Internet Manager Tim Bartz helps shoppers navigate the tricky new reality of hot models and low inventories.

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