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The Original Ford Mustang Was a Surprisingly Practical Sports Car

Back in the day, your Mustang had to be practical as well as stylish.

I Spent My Childhood in a Gas Station with My Dad

My earliest memories were formed under a huge Phillips 66 shield. What it's like when your father owns a gas station.

Missing Davey Johnson

We've lost good friends before, but Davey's disappearance feels different.

This Robot Lawn Mower Will Cut Your Grass While You Kick Back

Your least favorite summer chore just got so much smarter.

The Hyundai Sonata's Complete History Visualized, from 1986 to Today

See the Sonata's progression from backwater budget play to the most stylish, advanced mid-size sedan out there.

Launched in 1986, the Hyundai Sonata initially wasn't even really a Hyundai. The sedan sourced major components from other automakers, including Mitsubishi. Since those inauspicious beginnings, Hyundai has been continually refining the Sonata, which now is its longest-running nameplate. Today, the Sonata stands as a formidable mid-size-sedan player itself worthy of imitation. It's gone from not being sold in the U.S.-that took until the Sonata's first redesign in the late 1980s-to being built in a factory in Alabama and eventually seeing American sales top 200,000 annually. Click through to see the Sonata's full path from 1986 to today: