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Genesis GV80 Super Bowl ad is launch of new brand identity

Armed with its new crossover, Genesis is leveraging the Super Bowl, celebrity couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, a new logo and the Young Luxury slogan to raise its American profile.

Subaru plots EV strategy, despite doubts about U.S.

The brand's plan calls for 40 percent of global sales from full electrics or hybrid vehicles by 2030. But executives aren't bullish about the vehicles' sales prospects in the U.S.

A century of Mazda milestones

Mazda wasn't always Mazda, and the company it was born from didn't always make cars.

Unifor confident with Canada at crossroads

Union President Jerry Dias says he expects to maintain jobs during 2020 Detroit 3 labor talks. Analysts, meanwhile, forecast Canadian production to fall in the coming years.

When Mazda gambled on a rotary engine

To set itself apart in the 1960s, the automaker turned to German technology, and the rotary engine helped kickstart the Mazda brand around the world.